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William Jerome Utermohlen, Utermohlen Christmas Letters, 1955-2017, With Genealogical Summary (2022)

  • pages 1-81 are Christmas cards and letters for Bob and Mary Utermohlen family; pp. 82-192 include partial genealogical summaries for Barmore, Carsh, Cox, Curtiss, Disher, Fowler, Getchell, Kuper, Patterson, & Utermohlen families--focusing on the generations most closely related to Bob and Mary


Edited the Cox Newsletter beginning May 2006, issues 30-43, copies of 1-42 at  Originally semi-annual, now intermittent.  Articles include Cox DNA, Cull family, Jacob Darst of the Alamo, supplementation of Cox Book


These are mostly working research summaries, some of which have been disseminated.  The early ones were mostly undocumented, although not necessarily inaccurate.

“Descendants of Nathaniel and Roxina Barmore” (Jan. 1986) 88 p., plus an appendix addressing other Barmore families; a correspondent donated a copy to the FHL and a digital version is now available

“The Utermohlen and Jorn Families of Nebraska and Kansas” (July 1986), 74 pp., will be superseded by an Utermohlen book currently in preparation

"The Descendants of Francis Curtice of Plymouth 1671" (June 1989), 226 pp., draft genealogy

“The Family Of Robert Fowler Of Garrard County, Kentucky” (June 1991), 30 pp., supplemented by the “Furr/Hinds Family), 13 pp.; both available at:

“The Descendants of Christopher Disher of Mason or Bracken County, Kentucky by 1793” (Jan. 1992), 138 pp., indexed  (confuses two different Willis Cheeks)

  • With notes on the family of Samuel Fullen (1766-c1842) of Wythe Co., Virginia, Fayette Co., Indiana, etc.
  • Copies were distributed to FHL, DAR, LOC etc.; available at

“The Holman Family of Kent County, Maryland and Woodford County, Kentucky: A Preliminary Study” (Apr. 1993) 118 pp.; early generations build on the research of Alice May Cutler

"Getchell Summary" (rev. June 1994), 19 pp.

“Vansant Summary” (Jul. 1994), 60 pp., with note appendix; first generations superseded by Barbara Barth’s article in NYGBR, focuses mostly on Maryland branches

"The Carsh Family of Humboldt, Nebraska" (Jan. 1995), 65 pp., with four appendices

“James Research Summary” (May 2003), summarizes research on the John L. James family of Buchanan County, Missouri, White County, Tennessee, and North Carolina, see

 “Descendants of Richard Rue” (2007), 29 pp., published as Appendix H to the Cox Book, includes citations; Rue was of Wayne County, Indiana and had daughters who married Joseph Cox, John Kelly, David Carson, James Fisher, William Watson, Edward Holman, and Henry Collins Ransford

"Proving the Identity of Levi Smith" (May 2009), 33 pp.

Summaries for the Lynch and McGrath families of Sullivan County, New York are available at

“Descendants of Thomas Blunden (c1760-1850) of Burnham, Essex”

“Pistor Family Summary” (2012), 65 pp.; family of London and Lincolnshire, includes clockmakers